Friday, August 1, 2008

Deere Colhoun Sienna Satchel

Lindsay Colhoun founded Deere Colhoun in search of the perfect bag for day wear, yet reasonably priced. Judging from how style makers (Kristin Cavallari) have responded to the Sienna Satchel, Deere Colhoun is set to make its mark on the handbags scene. The always stylish Rachel Bilson was sported around town in her favorite Deere Colhoun's Sienna Satchel and soon the Sienna was a fixture in all major gossip magazines! That is the power of celebrities endorsement (Kate Hudson, see below), and especially one like Ms. Bilson.

The Large Sienna Satchel is perfect for every day use with multiple pockets for all your electronic gadgets, makeups, sunscreens, notebook, and designer sunglasses. This bag is so spacious it is perfect for students in school! Hey, school is boring enough, why blend in when you can stand out with this bag.

Check it out at Singer22, $789: Sienna Satchel.

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