Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent - Large Muse

Oops, YSL did it again. The classic muse reinvents itself this fall and debuts an updated patent-pebbled skin in to-kill-for colors.

I am a huge fan of the Muse. I cannot get enough of it. I thought the White Muse was the bomb. Then, YSL followed up with the Chocolate (see Jessica Alba, left) for Fall, then Blue-Grey for Spring/Summer, and now English Skin and Road Grey. Not to mention all the gorgeous colors they have in the Ostrich leather (hello, Heidi Klum anyone?) Someone save me from committing retirement suicide!!

Since I am obviously not Paris Hilton, whom I am sure will be sporting both of these colors, I have to settle for admiring them afar. I will be making frequent visits to my favorite blogs and drool at the fortunate few who purchased them.

The Muse is one of those bags that is perfect for every day use (and especially popular with celebrities.) It easily holds all my must-have-or-die items with plenty of room left to spare. There is a zipped interior pocket for your unmentionables and a cellphone pocket. Tres Chic!

Check it out at Saks.com for $1795: YSL Large Muse.

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