Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heather Hawkins Moonlight Clutch

Yes, Paris Hilton is not like us, I get that. When normal people see a bag they like, they ponder and have sleepless nights wondering which color to get. But, if you are Paris Hilton, in your simple life, you simply get all of them and enjoy a good night rest.

I have been dying for a Heather Hawkins clutch and now, with the 20% off (see code below), I am finally going to get it! After contemplating over the three colors for a week, I have decided on the Bronze color since it seems most versatile. My best friend has it in Turquoise, so I figured I could probably exchange it with her on an as-needed basis. I have always liked this clutch and it is no wonder celebrities flock to it like bees to honey. I love how spacious it is! I can put my Ipod (music), keys (I need to get home!), lipgloss (must-have in New York winter), credit cards (I am not a Hilton and thus cannot talk my way out of paying for things), money (for cab), ID (for clubbing), powder (shine is BAD!), and celly (duh!)

If you are looking for a good clutch to tote around, buy the Moonlight Clutch in bronze (pictured top right) today at Label360.com for $209. For a limited time get 20% off with code "NEW20".

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